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Melanie Riccardi is a product and commercial photographer, living in Los Angeles.

Melanie works with a wide range of clients including Kodak, This Is Ground, Dropbox, Better Homes & Gardens, Zendesk, eatsa, Designer Fund, Highfive, Half Hitch Goods, and Melanie Abrantes Designs.

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Dropbox, Better Homes & Gardens, Penguin Random House, Zendesk, eatsa, Click Diagnostics, Designer Fund, Highfive, Half Hitch Goods, Yellow Owl Workshop, This is Ground, Kodak, Tend, Melanie Abrantes Designs, AutoCamp, Chain, Box Fox, Crazy Love Ministries, Paperlaria, Elysian Edit, Intercom, Managed by Q, Memorandum.


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